Industrial fluids for pipelines

The American brand QUAKER is a world-renowned leader in the production of specialized fluids for pipelines.
The company has many years of experience and offers complete solutions for the production of EWP and seamless metal pipes.

Emulsion for production

To maximally meet the specific needs of our industrial customers, pipe manufacturers, we offer two types of lubricating fluid - semi-synthetic and synthetic. Product formulas are entirely designed to produce tubes. Quaker's emulsion has proven efficiency in reducing production costs and increasing productivity. The products are very specialized and specific to the production of each of our clients.


Our products

Water-soluble synthetic lubricant. Forming an extremely stable emulsion with excellent cleaning and lubricating properties. Suitable for molding, resizing, cutting, drawing and all operations related to the production of welded tubes.

The product is suitable for hot and cold rolled material, galvanized material, stainless steel and aluminum.

Highly polarized synthetic additives that reduce the wear of the rollers and provide excellent machine and worktop cleanliness.

Water-soluble synthetic lubricant for medium load operations of forming, rolling, drawing and resizing.

Suitable for cold and hot rolled material, stainless and galvanized steel.

The product is mineral-free. Reduces the wear of the rollers and ensures good coverage of the pipe surface without leaving a trace.

Water-miscible product suitable for medium-sized pipe production operations. The fluid has the added benefit of increasing adhesion between the belt and the work rolls while ensuring maximum lubrication. This product requires maximum cleanliness of the strap and the work surface.

Recommended for medium to heavy duty welding operations. Suitable for all carbon steel, hot-rolled and galvanized steel.

»Formaldehyde free;
»Free of mineral oil;
»Highly polar, synthetic lubricant components;
»Reduces roller wear;
»Good ability to separate and remove type contaminants petroleum products (oils);
»Provides good surface finish without leaving any deposits.


Water-soluble, low-oil lubricant. Suitable for working with hot and cold rolled sheet. This technology combines the lubricating effect of semi-synthetic oils and the cleaning effect of synthetic oil.

»Secondary amine free;
»Excellent anti-corrosion properties;
»Boron and formaldehyde free;
»Good biological stability;
»Provides excellent lubrication and excels heat from the weld area.

Rust Preventive Oils

A series of products for corrosion protection in factory processes and for storage of finished products in open and closed areas. The products have excellent water separation properties and meet VOC standards for volatile compounds.

Cleaning products

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Neat oils for cutting

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