Packing products and sistems

The Lamiflex Group

The Lamiflex Group is a world leading supplier of transport packaging solutions mainly in the steel, aluminum and cable industries. Our products include materials, machines, services and process improvements with methods and tools to develop and implement the optimal packaging solution and processes for packing. We provide the market with complete solutions including services for recycling or reuse of products or product systems.


Packing products

Lamiflex packaging products are innovative packaging solutions for specific customer needs. Today, the company has a full range of products covering many different needs for protection against corrosion and mechanical damage. Thanks to its long history, the brand has also gained serious experience in the transportation of steel and aluminum around the world. The Lamiflex Product Development Division continues to produce specific products to meet specific customer needs. This internal process ensures the continuous development of both materials and design.

Packaging sistems

The Lamiflex Group offers our customers solutions to pack their goods in both a manual or an automatic way. Using our through-the-eye wrapping machine concept, we are able to provide a cost- effective system for smaller units with less demand for speed and capacity compared to bigger mills. The machine and material combination is important for the final result. This multi field expertise allows the Lamiflex Group to create the ultimate solution for each situation.

Our products

iTube - packaging system that is a complete solution.

iTube is a solution for tube and bar packaging with stretch film. It is an optimal solution for service centres and mid size production spaces. This semi-automated system does the heavy work of packing automatically. A variety of materials like Lamistretch and Lamistretch Extra can be used with this machinery.

This automatic packaging system will allow you to update your packaging line for more efficient solutions without investments.

The concept is based on leasing the system that is adapted to your packaging volume and bundle sizes, including a contract for packaging materials.

iTube can provide a complete packing solution:

  • Allowing you to pack individually compiled bundles of tubes & profiles as well as plates, depending on customer needs.
  • Single source supply – Lamiflex is responsible for providing materials, machinery and maintenance support.
  • Suitable for low volume manufacturing or tube, bar and profile wholesalers and service centers.

iTube is available together with a material contract.

The cost of the machine is recouped by charging for the packaging materials used during the contract period. Maintenance and service for the machinery will be coordinate by our service partner and the cost will be paid by the user.

iCoil - The new generation coil wrapping system. Innovative, fast, easy and flexible.

The iCoil is a new generation of a compact, semiautomatic, through-the-eye wrapping machine for coils. The machinery is installed on the container bottom and is easily movable to new locations. It is designed to follow a “plug and play” method and only needs 3–phase power to operate. This automatic packaging system will allow you to update your packaging system for more efficient operation – without large investments.

The machine is integrated on a 20 ” container size transportable platform.

The portable iCoil can be unloaded from a truck as one entity and easily installed and placed into production within a short period of time.

The concept is based on leasing a machine that is adapted to your packaging volume and coil sizes including a contract for packaging materials.

iCoil provides a complete packing solution for moisture and corrosion protection of coils including:

  • Does not need to be fixated to the floor or require any surrounding systems (conveyers, rails etc).
  • The level of protection for the finished coil can be adjusted by layers of films.
  • Single source supply and capability – Lamiflex is responsible for providing materials, machinery and maintenance support.
  • Suitable for service centers and mid size manufacturing as well as buffer capacity.
  • Possible to upgrade the machine with automatic feeding of mantle- and edge protection as well as a film exchange system.

PUSH WRAPPER r – A new stretch wrapping concept from the Lamiflex Group

The PushWrapper concept consists of a tailored plastic packaging material coupled with a new effortless but robust machine for wrapping steel or aluminum coils. Easily operated by one person, but quickly scalable if more capacity is needed.

The PushWrapper is en entry level, scalable machine that works with a “hand over” technique, using arms that complement our range of more advanced machine solutions. The concept is unique (patent pending) and makes it simple to start with plastic wrapping material, compared to alternative machines that need large investments, planning and infrastructure.

If more capacity is needed, it is simple to supplement with additional machines. Two people can manage four machines.

A full plastic packaging concept using the PushWrapper has a number of advantages for both the producer and end customer:

  • Reduce risk of corrosion
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Improve safety and ergonomics
  • Improve corporate image

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